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Mummy & Me

17 Months - 3 Ye

Grownups actively participate and share dance, songs, rhythm, movements, props and instruments together. All children are natural movers and shakers. Wiggle, dancing and laughing with your ballerina is so much fun- it is easy to forget how much learning is going on at the same time.

Big Girl Ballet

3 Years- 6 Years

Specialised ballet program will focus on developing ballet technique as new steps are introduced to challenge and extend our young dancers, while using the use of imagery for example butterflies and fairies. 
The use of Ballet Stories thought the lesson. 

Jazz & Tap

3 Years - 6 Years

This class is a combination of jazz & Tap styles providing a fun introduction to dance but also a place to grow, learn and make friends. Petite Jazz & Tap is the perfect way to start developing the co-ordination skills that are the basics of dance.

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